Cover The Lob As A Team For Winning Doubles Tennis!


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

When you hit the court as a doubles team you need to have the mentality that every shot, every hit, every movement is as a team rather than an individual. That includes covering lobs!

When the lob goes up I want both team members to make an effort to get the shot. If one player has the best shot at putting the ball away or hitting a more aggressive shot then call your partner off and cover!

TeamFormanTennis to Winning Doubles: Cover The Lob as a Team:

1) Both players attempt at covering the lob
2) The player that has the strongest shot “calls and covers”
3) Cover Your partner at all times “I have your back”
4) Once your called off, recover

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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