Attack The Transition Shot


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

One of the hardest things to teach Recreational Players is to “See It, Feel It, and Attack It!” and proactively react to their own shots and their partners shots. I’m trying to change the mindset of these players from waiting for the ball to come to them ANTICIPATING the next shot. MUCHO DIFFICULT! But not impossible. Working on simple tactics like the one in this clip will slowly start the transformation of anticipation.

The 2 points in this clip were back to back. In clip 1, the net person hesitated the attack. In clip 2 (with the coach screaming) she attacked the transition shot for an easy winner! Eso!

Strategy: Attack Your Partners Transition Shot
Tactic: Net person closes into the net because her partner hit a low up the middle ball.

*Bigger Picture: For every shot on the court there needs to be a reaction. This is called anticipation*

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