Attack The Short Ball In Tennis And Win More Matches!


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts;

This old dog is back in action in an effort to see if she really practices what she preaches!

I’m glad to report I do! (phewwwww). In this clip I show 2 different tactics one offensive , one defensive. As you all know tennis is a game of offense/defense. The key is to use both tactics wisely to achieve success.

#1 Attack the short ball: “Accordion Effect”:

When you or your partner hits a low short ball attack that shot to smother your opponent, leaving no room to hit. Your side ultimately puts the ball away.( I reacted to my partner’s drop shot and got the put away)

#2 Defense to the Attacker:

When your opponent is aggressive and hits serves and volleys or returns comes in, lob the partner. It’s very difficult for the aggressive player to switch directions with all the momentum coming forward.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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