Anticipation VS Guessing In Tennis

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Coaches and Tennis Players!

Distinguishing the differences between anticipating and guessing can get a little tricky.

Anticipation is basically a proactive movement based on yours and your partners shots. For instance, if you are at the net and the ball is angled wide, you will move to the ally in ANTICIPATION that the ball will be hit down the line.

Guessing is using that same situation but instead of covering the ally you go the opposite way because you THINK your opponent will go up the middle. You’re making an assumption based on nothing.

Have you ever played one those players who always seems to be in the right place at the right time? And they look like their not even working that hard? If so that person is probably great at anticipating your shots.

On the flip side you may see that person who is running around the court like chicken with its head cut off. That person is just reacting and guessing where the next shot is going.

Tactics to help you Anticipate:

1) Always follow the ball on your side of the court and your opponent’s side of the court.
2) Work on live ball points focusing on shot selection according to court position.
3) Your Mindset has to be focused on movement with a purpose. This will help you act and react with proper instincts


And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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