“7 Days 7 Shots” #7: The Drop Shot


The Drop Shot A.K.A. The Dink!

7 days 7 shots ends with the drop shot. This shot is a fun, low percentage shot that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Whether you’re playing singles or doubles having a drop shot in your tool belt will give you a leg up in shot selection and strategy. This shot requires not only advance technical stroke production, it also has an element of soft hands and natural feel requirement.

Everyone can learn the drop shot but practice and knowing when to use it is a big MUST!

Team Forman Tennis: The Drop Shot for the Everyday Player

Step 1: The Grip Continental
Step 2 : Racquet Prep Like a Volley/ Racquet Head Above the Ball
Step 3 : Contact Point Ideal Waist High/ Head Still
Step 4: Follow Through Make a “U” The Closer to The Net The shorter
The Follow Through

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