“7 Days 7 Shots” #6: The Volley

Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts, In an effort to roll out 7 shots (strokes) in 7 days for the everyday day player, this video breaks down the volley in a simple 4 step progressive process. The Team Forman Tennis system has a mission to provide relatable tennis content so the everyday player can execute faster and ultimately enjoy the game to whatever level their ability allows.

Many coaches, many theories. I choose to stick to the fundamentals with room for more advanced technique. It all depends on the student!

Team Forman System: The Volley

Step 1: Continental Grip; 1 grip for both Forehand & Backhand
Step 2: Pivot/Racquet Head 45 degrees/ In Front
Step 3: Step and Hit/Racquet Head Along a Table Top
Step 4: Recovery/ Racquet Head Up/Back To Ready Position

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