“7 Days 7 Shots” #5: The Overhead


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts, Getting the everyday Rec player to have all the tools to enjoy tennis to the fullest is TeamForman’s mission. In some ways it’s more of a challenge to convince the competitive rec player to learn the fundamentals then the advanced high performance player.

The overhead is a fun “Let It All Out” shot that can give you so much satisfaction or cause so much angst. The overhead and the serve go hand in hand so if you have a good you have a good overhead. And vice versa!

Keep it simple and you’ll have great shot in your back pocket.

TeamForman Tennis: 4 Steps to a great overhead

1) The Grip: Continental
2) Prep: Trophy Position
3) Body Position: Move Under The Ball
4) The Slam: Reach/Pronate/Snap/Follow Through

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