“7 Days 7 Shots” #4: The Slice Backhand


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts; The slice backhand is a beautiful work of art. It is the number 1 requested stroke to learn from my recreational clientele. When players take matters in their own hands and try to teach themselves specialty strokes like the slice backhand, it can get ugly quick! Not to mention serious injuries to elbows and wrist from using improper grips.

My mission is to teach the everyday player the fundamentals to every shot so they can efficiently learn to compete in a quick and enjoyable manner. Take a look at this 4 step progression to the slice backhand for the everyday player. It breaks down the stroke in a detailed process that is relatable to all levels.

TeamForman Tennis System: The Slice Backhand

Step 1: The Grip/Continental to Backhand
Step 2: Racquet Prep:Turn/ Racquet Head Up 45 Degrees Near The Ear
Step 3:Contact :1 O’Clock on The Ball/ Later in Stance
Step 4: Follow Through: Keep the Plane/ High To Out To High

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