“7 Days, 7 Shots” #3: The Serve


In an effort to get the everyday player enjoying the game we all love and competing as quick as possible, the fundamentals of each stroke is a must. The serve could conceivably be the most important stroke and hardest stroke to master. There are lots of moving parts and extremely technical. I’ve broken the serve down into a process of 4 progressive steps so anyone who struggles with serving or simply wants to improve their serve.

TeamForman Tennis System: The Serve

Step 1:The Grip Continental to Backhand
Step 2 : Body Position: Line Up with Net Post
Step 3: Synchronize the Swing and toss Together
Step 4: Reach, Pronate, Wrist Snap, Follow Through

*Note: This is just the swing process. More advanced players can incorporate a jump, spin and legs to generate more power and become more versatile once the basics are mastered.

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