“7 Days, 7 Shots” #2: 4 Steps To A Great Backhand


Everyone hits the ball differently and I am not a proponent of force feeding a certain one way of hitting. A lot depends on ability, natural tendencies and desires. But fundamentals must be in tact in order to improve.

Today I am posting the backhand in TeamForman’s Series, “7 Days, 7 Shots” for the everyday player. Breaking down a stroke in 4 progressive moves can make you feel and see what should actually goes into the shot before and after contact. As I always say there are many ways to hit the ball but certain fundamentals i.e. Low to high. In this clip I breakdown a two handed back in 4 consecutive steps because I reckon 8 out of 10 everyday players hit a 2 handed backhand. ( I’ll do a bonus one handed back Video at the end of the series)

TeamForman 2 Handed BackHand

1) Grip Change to Backhand
2) Racquet Prep, Pivot, Grip Change
3) Drop the racquet head relax the wrists step and hit
4 Follow Through rolling the wrists over the shoulder & Pose

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