“7 Days, 7 Shots” #1: 4 Steps To A Great Forehand


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts

In an effort to offer as much content as possible while at home, I’m offering 7 Days, 7 Shots (tennis shots, that is).

Today I’ll be working on the forehand. With 31 years of teaching under my belt, I have experienced the less complicated, the better for the everyday rec player.

My system is geared towards getting players “playing” as quick as possible. Combining traditional fundamentals with a dash of modern tactics, allows the possibilities for more advanced strokes. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.

Team Forman Forehand For The Everyday Player:

Step 1 “The Grip”: Eastern-Full Eastern
Step 2 “Racquet Prep”: Pivot: Opposite Hand Out
Step 3 “Drop The Racquet”:Opposite Hand Out: Step & Hit
Step 4 “Follow Through”: Chin over your shoulder:Racquet Butt To

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