5 Great Tactics for Doubles Tennis That Will Improve Your Game


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

In preparation for High School Regionals I wanted to empower my girls with several fundamental tactics that work for all levels of play.

High Level play at all ages and levels produce hard hitting, heavy topspin, big first serves and face paced groundstrokes.

Tactic #1
I place both players back on first serves. This is in defense of a return to the net person. When the return goes past the net person, the partner then gets into net.

Tactic #2
When one up one back use your partners big groundstrokes to try and pick off a volley. Especially when the ball is up the middle.

Tactic #3
On your opponent’s 2nd serve have your partner keep in motion to potentially rattle the server. This also keeps your feet in motion.

Tactic #4
After hitting a hard penetrating shot at the net person, go right back at them! Your opponents can’t recover to hit an offensive shot.

Tactic # 5
Never assume your partner has it! You have to be ready to cover each other no matter what!

Every tactic and strategy is situational and level based. The key is to force your opponents to hit to your strengths minimize your weaknesses.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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