5 Great Rules To Know In League Tennis


Knowledge is Power!

Coaches and Tennis Fans,

While Coaching and managing a multitude of recreational leagues and players, I have come across the same problems over and over again during competitions. Many of these problems would be solved if YOU the player would understand the rules.

In this clip I share 3 of the most abused misunderstood rules in USTA league play. (Primarily because USTA league play is self governed).

Abused Rules:

These rules are all based on the individual players calling the infractions on themselves. That’s where the problem starts!

#1: Double Bounce: Players have to call on themselves, opponents cannot stop and call a double bounce.

# 2: Ball hits any part of the player or players clothes: Players have to call on themselves. Opponents cannot stop and claim the ball hit them.

#3: Player hits or touches the net: You cannot touch, hit, or fall into the net at any time during or after your hit. Players have to call on themselves.
opponents cannot stop and claim the player hit the net.

#4: In addition you can’t reach over the net to hit the ball. (You can hit then on your side then break the plane )

#5: Never stop play! you’ll lose the point!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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