4 Basic Steps To Building Correct Footwork In Tennis


Tennis Enthusiasts and Coaches,

A desire to play comes to all ages and abilities. Maritere is an incoming 6th grader with a desire to play middle school tennis. With limited to no experience she has dedicated herself this covid summer to building proper foundation in order to progress to a competitive tennis player. She knows the kids on the team are more experienced and have been playing for years, but that’s not curtailing her desire, it’s fueling it.

Coaches, we know we can’t speed up the natural progression of becoming a competitive tennis player but hard work certainly helps.

Embracing all levels of students who have a desire to play is not only rewarding to the coach and student it’s actually growing the game!

TeamForman’s 4 Basic Steps to Building Correct Footwork

In this clip 2 weeks into lessons Maritere is learning how to:

1) Adjust your body to the ball
2) Move laterally
3) Move forward (cut the angles)
4) Move backwards (adjusting to high balls)

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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