20 Seconds to Better Tennis: Critical Thinking on The Court


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

Are you a critical thinker on the court? In other words do you analyze the problem and come up with solutions to fix? Critical thinking skills allows you to understand and address situations, define problems and develop effective solutions.

In this clip Karen my server likes to to wait one shot then come into net. In this case her opponent is hitting the return and coming to net…so she’s getting into net first and Karen is hitting up to the net person.

Being a critical thinker would allow Karen to immediately shift gears and come up with a tactic to offset this. Serve and volley would be my first go to tactic.

Team Forman Tennis; 4 Steps to Critical Thinking

1) Identify the problem
2) Analyze why the problem occurs
3) Develop a course of action
4) Execute

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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