20 Seconds To Better Tennis: Brain Manipulation


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

The brain is an amazing organ that controls all functions of the body including the essence of your mind and soul.

Every match at every level has situations that pop up that can change the energy or flow of the match. One shot can actually change how you approach the rest of match and can ultimately change the outcome.

If you can learn to control your thought process, you can control the BRAIN MANIPULATION.

In this clip the net player feeds off a great serve and inadvertently hits her opponent. In the next two points she had a similar opportunity to put the ball away and her brain just wouldn’t allow her to hit the ball (with fear of hitting her opponent) with the same vigor.

Matches are lost with that brain manipulation….

In this case the opponent assures her not to worry all is good. But in many cases, especially in rec play your opponents will be upset and make you make you feel bad.

What to do?

1) Assure yourself it’s part of the game and you didn’t mean to hit her
2) If your opponent is upset assure her it was not intentional (that will help you as well)
3) Your partner needs to reassure you to keep aggressive and stick with the game plan
4) Don’t change your game plan, make your opponent’s changes theirs.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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