1 Minute To Winning Doubles Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans;

Seeing the court, feeling the court, and believing in the court is vital in your progression to winning matches.

In these 2 clips players that win the point have the instinct to be one shot ahead of their opponents. In addition they see their opponent out of position which leads to an easy winner.

Clip #1 One up One back Format: “Keep the ball in play and your partner will put it away”.

The net person “FEELS” her partners great ground stroke and moves in for the easy winner.

Clip #2: “Seeing, feeling and believing”

The opponent at net moved aggressively to the middle and forward, leaving an easy peazy lob for her opponent to hit for a winner. This is “SEEING” your opponent out of position and believing in your shot!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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